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Are you searching for a tree removal contractor in Burke? More often than not, removing a tree from a property is a last resort. It’s not an easy task as special equipment along with knowledge of safety procedures and attention to detail is needed to carry out the job correctly. This is a job that can’t be done by someone who doesn’t have the necessary knowledge, training, and equipment; you need a professional expert.  

Burke Tree Services is an affordable, fast, and reliable tree removal contractor. Give us a call now for expert and fast tree removal services!

Need for Removal of Complete Tree

If a tree has been there in your backyard for decades, it’s an emotional decision to remove it. Many people have a lot of fond memories associated with the trees in their backyard! The stately Virginia Oak tree in your backyard has been part of the landscape for your family for decades and it’s not easy to let it go!

It’s unfortunate but there always comes a time when it’s better to remove the tree completely due to structural weakness. This structural weakness could result from any number of reasons including improper tree pruning for decades that might have caused the tree to tilt to a particular side putting nearby structures at risk. Sometimes, stability is also compromised by certain diseases and if other plants are close to the tree, the disease could also spread. In other cases, some natural events such as a storm might cause severe damage to the roots and render the tree unstable. 

Whatever the reason, it’s important to treat an unstable tree as early as possible. An unstable tree is dangerous and puts people’s lives as well as property, at risk. Even a slight gust of wind can cause it to fall. Therefore, it should be removed as early as possible through the services of tree removal experts such as Burke Tree Services!

Do You Need Tree Removal Services?

We have a variety of options when it comes to tree removal and cutting services that fit your specific requirements. If the tree removal is overly complex, we might need to bring a bigger crane but if it’s a regular sized tree and the surrounding area is relatively clean, we might choose to chop it down bit by bit. 

In addition to our tree removal services, we also take care of the tree stump. In some cases, we might need to grind the stamp but in other cases, we might have to dig it out completely. 

If you need to transplant or remove a huge number of trees as part of a huge construction project, give us a call now for our land clearing services along with our bush removal services!

Finding the Best Tree Removal Service near Me

Here at Burke Tree Services, we take pride in offering unique tailored solutions for our customers when it comes to tree cutting and removal. When you call us for tree removal or any other services, you will get: 

Service by a Professional and Experienced Crew

All the members in our team are well trained when it comes to using power tools such as an electric saw as well as a variety of other equipment that can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. We also have proper state licenses as well as other certifications. 

Excellent Tools

When you call us, you’ll find that we use high quality tools. Tools are the foundation of our business and we like to keep our foundation strong and this is the reason, we take proper care of our tools. Good quality tools that have been well maintained ensure a precise and safe job and we take safety seriously!

Proper Insurance

A tree removal or tree cutting task requires use of spinning blades and heavy machinery which means there is always a chance of an accident. This is the reason, we carry proper workers’ compensation insurance as well as comprehensive insurance. All our team members are fully insured and you’ll never have to worry about an unexpected disability payment or ER bill. 

Knowledge and Experience

Every tree removal job is unique and we’ve worked enough jobs to come up with solutions that fit within your budget without putting the surrounding buildings and objects at risk. In case the job requires use of extra hands or a bigger crane, we ensure that the job is performed well and the costs remain manageable.

Burke Tree Services is the best tree removal service and we strive to keep our clients happy! Give us a call today for tree removal and other services. 



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