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Trees Damaged By Storms

Storm damaged trees are the most common and difficult reason we’re called out for emergency site visits. When fallen trees have caused property damage or excessive debris, our team is ready to come to your site anytime!

With each emergency tree situation, we take the safety of your family and property into consideration and ensure that everything is done safely and efficiently. Our team is full of licensed and fully trained professionals that respond fast to your storm damaged or other emergency tree situations!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that goes double for emergency tree situations! Before a storm even rolls in, give us a call and we’ll assess your property to make sure it’s safe so you don’t need to make those emergency calls. We remove any loose or hanging branches so the storm won’t uproot your life! Whenever a call comes in for emergency tree services, we get there as quickly as possible so you can get back to your life!

You Can Rely On Our Emergency Tree Storm Damage Service

It’s important that once a storm is over that you don’t attempt to personally move any debris or fallen trees on your own! Instead, call Burke Tree Services and we’ll respond as soon as possible to clear your property. Tree and debris clearing is quite dangerous and the right equipment and skill is necessary in order to safely clear it so save yourself the hassle and allow our trained professionals to quickly and safely complete the job.

What Steps Do We Take For Our Emergency Situations?

Our specialists work quickly to assess the property and give you a written estimate that you’ll agree to before we even begin our work. Once that step is completed, we’ll roll in with all the equipment and personnel to get the job done!

Utility lines in and around the damaged trees can cause major issues so we call all the necessary utility companies for you to get their assistance in the project. Our team can quickly and accurately determine what’s needed in terms of other assistance and we work with a wide range of teams to make sure your home and property are safe!

After our professionals have secured the area we’ll then clear the debris. This means that all of the wood, both large and small would be removed from the area. We’ll ensure that your property is restored to its original state before the storm. We’ll also ensure that all of your utilities such as electricity, water, and phone are back to normal and functioning properly!

If you have a need for emergency tree services, then we’re your go-to company to call! We have fully licensed tree removal specialists and we’ll complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible without any damage to your home or other property. We have 24/7 availability for our emergency services and we always respond immediately to all calls so you don’t have to worry about financial or legal liabilities. We’re fully committed to keeping you safe and ensuring you always have a safe and secure home!



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