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Stump Removals

Stump Removals

Overgrown trees, stumps spread through lots, and a whole host of other issues can make it difficult to get a project done. When you need help clearing out old stumps on your property, you’ll want a team with the experience and expertise to get the job done right! Burke Tree Services has years of experience removing stubborn stumps from your home and our team is well versed in the best ways to keep your property looking great!

While it’s possible to remove the stump on your own with the right equipment, it’s recommended that you work with a professional team for your safety and the overall effect of your property. This is especially important when it comes to large-sized trees that have aged roots in the ground. It may not be as easy to remove the stump with these types of trees. The tree can also start growing again if it isn’t removed right away so we take the time to get the job done right!

There are multiple tree service companies here in Burke, but with our years of experience and method of removal, no one will get the job done better!

Defining Stump Grinding

The purpose of stump grinding is to take the stump and turn it into mulch through a detailed grinding process. This involves the use of a specialized wheel that goes through the stump inch by inch. It is an accurate, world-class piece of equipment that will deliver amazing results once turned on. 

Our company takes pride in using state-of-the-art machinery and will not cut corners when it comes to safety. We use the best gear and will always put in the effort to make sure a detailed assessment of the stump is done beforehand.  

What do we look for?

The specialist will focus on assessing a variety of details when it comes to the stump. This includes how far the roots go, the type of tree, and the terrain. These details will help with the overall stump grinding project.

Certain trees have deeper roots and will be a tougher project for our equipment. We take the time to slowly work away at the stump making sure it’s handled correctly.  

When the grinding begins debris will spread throughout the area. To help protect everything nearby, we take the time to prepare the entire area including the property close to the tree. 

Our team will also focus on assessing whether or not there’s any type of cable running through the area connected to other properties. This is why stump grinding has to be done professionally.  

What happens next?

The stump grinding is managed by digging a few inches into the ground which removes external roots effectively without damaging surrounding plants. We always take pride in cleaning the entire area and making sure it looks the way you want!

Why Go With Us?

Not only are we one of the best companies in the region, but we’re also licensed and insured. This allows us to deliver top-tier solutions to all of our clients based on what works best for their needs. We’re ready to assist right away and will make sure the job is handled the right way. 

To get started, please give us a call now and book your consultation! 



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