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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

At Burke Tree Services, we take pride in offering affordable and professional tree trimming and pruning services as one of the best tree trimming contractors in Burke!

Whether you have a full sized orchard or a small bush, it needs to be trimmed regularly. Trimming might seem like it’s a simple job, but it can go wrong in so many ways and things don’t grow back in just days. You should never hire inexperienced hands for this job but instead find an experienced tree trimming professional. 

Our Services

We have years of experience in tree trimming and offer personalized solutions for all of our customers. 

Vista and ornamental trimming: If you want thick and green trees, this is the service you want. It’ll make sure your birch grows taller and the future shade of that oak tree in your backyard is maximized!

Reduction of crown: There’s no denying that people pay a premium for those marvelous views from the balcony but if nearby trees are hindering that balcony view, give us a call now. We’ll trim it smartly twice a year to keep the views clear or you could choose to prune those trees every other week to make the job easier!

Formative or directional trimming: If you have a young tree and want to make sure it remains stable and strong for many years to come, call us today. Our team of experienced professionals will make well-researched cuts to ensure it’s structurally sound for many years to come. 

Containment of pests and fungi: There are times when you do not want to remove the whole tree and in such cases, things can be made right by trimming the right branches. 

Pollarding: This is the service you need if you want to enhance your landscaping. In this service, we’ll chop up some select branches of the tree during dormant season which will allow the branches to grow back much healthier and denser. 

All of these services are performed by highly experienced professional arborists in Burke. We also make sure that every member in our team is fully insured as per the requirements in the commonwealth of Virginia. Every member of the team is personally trained by our owner so you can be sure things are done right, every time!

Give us a call now for tree trimming services in Burke!

Finding Tree Pruning Services near Me

When you call us for our tree trimming services, we’ll perform a completely free visual inspection! We’ll share what our team of professionals can do for you and we’ll give you a summary of the maintenance requirements in the near future and help you choose the right solution for your budget. 

Here is a tip to get you started: If you have a white oak tree that is less than 5 years of age, investing in a good trimming now will save you thousands of dollars by preventing the need for more invasive tree pruning or emergency tree removal in later years. 

Not Every Tree Trimming Company Has Experienced Professionals

Hiring a hobby gardener or an untrained contractor who offers a low price may seem like a good deal. But when it comes to tree trimming, you want to make sure that you partner with professionals so you get a quality project and a pleasant experience!

Some of these workers or hobby gardeners know the things that need to be done but they have no experience. In that case, you might be left dealing with an open stump which will quickly attract bugs, moss, and beetles. Often these same contractors simply leave when the job is finished and don’t clean up or follow up with the project after the fact!

As far as proper pruning is concerned, a lot depends on species of the tree, type of branches we’re dealing with as well as the purpose for pruning. Amateurs can make cuts but we have the necessary knowledge and tools to make the right cuts that keep your trees healthy for years! Our team of professionals will make sure everything is done right without accidentally destroying the nearby plants or leaving a mess behind that is sure to attract pests. 

Avoid all these potential problems by giving a call to the best Burke tree trimming service now!



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