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Tree Services in Burke

Since 2001, Burke Tree Services has been offering professional tree care services throughout Virginia. We have certified and skilled professional arborists that have all the knowledge and expertise needed to handle every job that comes our way! All of our arborists and technicians are licensed and insured in order to protect our customers and we strive to provide the very best tree care services along with the highest level of customer satisfaction in the business!  

Our top priority whenever we take on a job is the safety of our staff and customers. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or a simple trim job, we want to make sure all of our tree services are safe and completed to the best of our ability. We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded to ensure that each of our clients is protected from any and all liability. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the residential, commercial, and industrial tree services we provide:  

Trimming and Pruning

Whether you’re looking to enhance the safety of your property or the aesthetics, we do much more than chopping and hauling! Our professionals know exactly where to cut the tree and how to ensure that the entire tree and area are kept clean. 


If you’re dealing with fungus, bug infestations, root rot, or dead branches we can effectively contain and even reverse the issue! 

Tree Removal Services

We offer fully tailored solutions for trees that might be compromising the safety of your property and anyone on it. This includes everything from secure crane removal to stump removal and even land clearing!


We know exactly what a tree needs to sustain growth and remain healthy whether its a pine, elm, birch, or a different kind of oak tree! Every transplant starts with our technicians examining the soil surrounding your tree in order to provide you with a fully tailored and customized long-term solution.

Emergency Tree Services

We know that accidents happen! Whether you have a loose branch or another emergency situation, it’s important to act quickly. This quick action can save your property or even your family. When you call on us for emergency tree services, we pride ourselves on being ready and waiting. Give us a call and schedule your completely free consultation with no strings attached and we can tailor a custom solution that meets your needs!

Tree Care Burke

Our customers deserve the very best so we strive to offer the most affordable prices and we give our customers a variety of options to fit their needs! The first thing we do is make sure we get your needs and wants in writing and show up on time. Our workers are professionals, extremely easy to talk to, and can walk you through the entire process step-by-step. They are also clean up after the entire job is complete so you’re not left with a mess when the work is done!

Throughout our company, we only utilize industry-leading equipment in all of the professional tree services we offer. We have everything necessary from cranes to cherry pickers to bucket loaders and chainsaws! It doesn’t matter how large or small the job is, our professional workers are trained to follow standardized protocols in order to provide consistency in everything. We always listen to the requests of each of our customers to ensure we’re offering them the tree care servicing they expect. If they’re against the use of heavy equipment because of various landscape issues or if the equipment cannot fit in a specific area, our tree care specialists will get creative to get the job done. 

We strive to provide the highest quality service and we guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction each and every time. As you’re looking for more information on tree service technicians in the Burke area, we’re always willing and able to provide documentation of examples of our high-quality work! Our pricing and services are completely transparent and we maintain the highest level of professionalism throughout the entire process. We aren’t simply going door to door offering you the best ‘deals.’ Instead, we offer you the kind of tailored services you need and give you a wide variety of options that you can choose from while giving you the benefits and risks of each option. 

The next time you’re in need of professional tree removal services, give our team a call! Continue reading below to get a comprehensive outlook on all of the tree care services we offer. You can get even more information from our detailed summary on our services page!

The Leading Tree Care And Maintenance Services For The Residents Of Burke, VA

Trees are a beautiful thing to have on any property, but they can become a nuisance if not cared for properly. Burke Tree Services are the professionals to hire if you need any of the following tree care and maintenance services: 

Tree Removal

You should consider tree removal services if you have a tree on your property that has become a bother or nuisance. It could be dead, lost its aesthetic factor, become a safety hazard, or is in a zone that you need to utilize for something different.  A dry or decaying tree can become a danger due to falling branches which may pose a danger to your home and shedding leaves become an annoyance fast.

In some situations, the tree might have internal decay that makes its structure weak. This could lead to the formation of cracks where insects and diseases can then thrive. If you have a tree that has become an obstacle or nuisance, call our tree professionals to handle the job!

The first thing our team does with any project is come to your home to give you an on-site estimate! The removal of huge plants is complicated and demands adequate planning, skill, and experience. Our work focuses on removing the tree so that all the potential hazards and dangers to your home are limited!

The first thing that we do is analyze your property, surveying the area to determine the magnitude of the job. Our specialist will then offer you a price quote while the team takes note of all adjacent structures, accounting for their safety during the tree removal process. They’ll then inform you of the work needed and they’ll then schedule a date for the job that is convenient for you! 

As we use heavy equipment for each tree removal, we take into account the overall safety of your employees and clients! After the project is completed, we clean up the area and leave it neat and presentable. We’ll make sure that your property is free from any debris that makes it unsightly or might be a safety hazard when we’re finished with the job. 

Tree Trimming

Trimming is another essential tree care maintenance service that we provide. As with the tree removal service, our specialists will first survey the property and trees and then inform you of the best and most affordable solutions. 

Many property owners trim trees and branches themselves in order to save money. While this may seem like a simple DIY task, there are inherent risks that make it a job best left to the professionals like our team at Burke Tree Services! We offer extremely competitive rates that make it a breeze to save yourself money and still get the job done right!

Trimming trees is done not just for safety concerns on your property but to increase the aesthetic value! Branches, twigs, and other fallen debris can cause damage and bring down the value of your property. By investing in our team for your tree trimming needs, you’ll keep your home looking great and avoid any major issues with your home or other structures!

 Trees that are well cared for can be a huge benefit to the curb appeal of your property. All of the trees on your property should be symmetrical to help keep your home looking its best! Taking the time to invest in tree trimming helps your plants remain balanced as well.

As our tree specialists review your project and advise you on the best solutions, we work with you to create a price quote that works with your budget. We also work with you to create a schedule that works with yours for the most convenient tree trimming time!

While tree trimming may seem like a simple task, heavy equipment may be necessary to get the job done right! Our team is fully trained and licensed in the use of this equipment and we utilize all the proper safety equipment and harnesses. During the trimming process, we use a ground grew that serves as spotters to guide the tree technicians so your home won’t be damaged during the process. Once the project is done, we clean everything up!

Your safety and property are our biggest concern, even as we strive to deliver high-quality work! If you’re dissatisfied with the results, we’ll prune the tree again until you’re content with the outcome. 

Stump Grinding

Every project is unique and our tree service technicians work with you to create the perfect stump grinding solution for your property! We give you all the details of the work that will need to be done so you can follow along as we get the job done.

We start by assessing the area to determine the work involved then come up with a price quote and schedule that most convenient date for handling the task. Each stump grinding project is then tackled with the appropriate equipment, big or small!

There are many different reasons for wanting to have a tree stump removed but one of the most common is that the root ball is overgrown. After the root ball is removed, a large hole is often left in the ground. While this may pose a safety risk and lower your home’s curb appeal, we help you fill it all in and take care of the hole before moving on!

We use a grinding approach for stump removal and begin by grinding the stump into small pieces before diving in to dig out the roots. Then we use the little bits of the stump to fill the hole, cover it with the sawdust, and top it with earth. The buried stump will decay, adding nutrients to the ground for other plants you might introduce in that spot! If you’re unsure of the best method of dealing with that tree stump in your backyard, let our specialists help you make the right choice!

Stump grinding repurposes the debris into mulch or firewood which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly techniques that we use! At the end of your stump removal project our team takes the time to clean up your property and give you tips on how to repurpose the waste from the job. We’ll even take away the trash you don’t need!

Sit back and let the professionals do the hard work! We work with you to offer the best services at the most affordable price so our stump removal work won’t break your budget! Give us a call today to get started with an estimate!2

Emergency Tree Damage

Accidents, storms, and tree breakage during renovation happens and when you need emergency tree services, Burke Tree Services is the team to call! Our team is standing by to take your call and make sure your property is safe during an emergency.

Our emergency tree services are available around the clock, even during the weekends! We’re a reliable service provider that you can call to help get rid of that tree that threatens your family and property by leaning dangerously towards your house or driveway.

Our team will work to get your property back to its glory days after that summer storm or accident! They’ll get rid of the debris to make sure nothing poses any risk and we have the resources and professionals to work around the clock, even in inclement weather, or the advent of a storm.

Before we give you any type of price quote, we take the time to survey the property first! We discuss the options with you before we start on the project so your safety and that of your property is taken care of first and foremost.  

Our specialists work tirelessly to deliver their services within the agreed upon time. They’ll be quick to respond to your concerns and ensure you’re satisfied with the results. As a full-service tree care and maintenance company, we guarantee high-quality services, working around the clock, seven days a week. Our existing clientele can attest to the level of professionalism, reliability, and quality of our services at Burke Tree Services!

Land And Lot Clearing 

Whether you’ve got a large lot to clear or just a small plot we’ll help you get your commercial, residential, or industrial property ready to go!

Commercial land development demands an expert touch when it comes to lot clearing. At Burke Tree Services, we have the resources and expertise for working with different property developers and will advise you on the best options for clearing your lot or land. We’re aware that there might be some legal matters and zoning issues to consider, but we’ll be on hand to ensure that the required standards are observed and paperwork is complete!

Our affordable quotes are based on the scope of the work involved and the equipment needed. When you agree to our services, we won’t obligate you to sign anything if the price goes higher than your budget. 

We’ll start by surveying your property then explain the process that will deliver the best results for you! We consider your concerns and preferences before clearing your lot or land and are more than happy to adjust the price quote depending on the circumstances so that it can accommodate any budget. We might bring in some heavy equipment, if necessary, but often avoid them so that we prevent damaging your vegetation and landscaping when doing the clearing. 

We’re experienced arborists that have a deep understanding of different trees and vegetation. Each job is handled with great care and we never rush to finish the project! If you have any complaints or are dissatisfied with the results, we’re more than happy to redo the work and make sure it meets your preferences. We value customer satisfaction and strive to deliver high-quality services!

At Burke Tree Services, we’re the leading tree care and maintenance services provider in Burke. Call us today if you need property clearing done at the highest standards and an affordable price!

About Us

Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard or property but when they start to die, degrade, or fall apart they can rapidly become a risk to your family and an eye-sore for your landscape. When you need help fast and under budget, Burke Tree Services in Burke, VA is ready to help! 

Our team is fully licensed, bonded, insured, and trusted in and around Burke! We have over 17 years of experience working with all varieties of tree services and can have your yard or property back to normal in no time. 

We start every project with a free cost estimate so you know what the final cost will be before we even start work. From there, we assess your property and the tools needed and get started with your project. Whether it’s a big project like land clearing or emergency tree removal, or you’ve got a stubborn stump in your backyard that needs to be ground down, we can take care of it all. 

One of the best things we do for the citizens of Burke is providing 24/7 emergency tree services. When you live in an area like ours where there are plenty of trees to blow down in a storm, they can cause problems day or night. Don’t worry about going out with a chainsaw on your own to clear the path! Give us a call right away and we’ll get you out of your driveway and the tree moved safely and effectively. 

Primary Services We Offer

Burke Tree Services is more than just emergency tree removal after a storm! We offer a whole host of services that will keep your property looking great and your trees happy and healthy throughout their lifetime. 

If you’ve got a parcel of land in Burke and trees are taking up the majority of your space for commercial buildings, residential areas, or even your new hobby farm, our land clearing services can help you out! We’ll start, like we do with every project, by assessing the entire area and giving you a cost estimate. Then we make sure we bring in the correct tools and get to work. We’ll clear everything away including stumps so you can start fresh with your next project! 

Pesky stumps can cause major issues in your yard and with the other trees in the area. Stump removals with Burke Tree Services is the best way to get those annoying stumps out of the way so you have a healthier yard! These stump removals go hand in hand with tree removal services from the team at Burke Tree Services. Once the tree is gone, the stump can be ground down or pulled out which will remove the tree and the stump in one fell swoop.

Branches can start to overgrow their place in your yard and that means you’ll want to invest in tree trimming services in Burke, VA with Burke Tree Services! We’ll have your trees trimmed up and your view restored before you know it!

Primary Service Areas

Burke, Virginia is a special place and our team is proud to be part of this special community! For over 17 years we’ve served Burke, Fairfax, Annandale, and other areas surrounding this idyllic space. 

Our little corner of the world and the people who live here are our primary concern when it comes to our business. We want to provide you and the people of this area with the best tree trimming, removal, land clearing, and stump removal services possible. 

In this highly wooded area of the world, a tree may not seem like much. But when it’s the old oak in your backyard that you grew up with in the tiny community of Annandale or the maple that turns colors each year in Burke, it can hold great sentimental value. We know that the trees in this community are as special as the community itself and want to take care of them and our customers alike! 

With crowded forests and yards within the area around Burke, healthy trees, forests, and yards often means removing some trees for the health of others. Thinning out these trees and removing stumps in your yard keeps other plants and trees healthy and contributing to the ecosystem. 

We’re not scared to travel! Whether you live in Burke or the surrounding communities in the Virginia countryside, we’ll come to you when you need us and make sure we restore your yard and the trees that live there to their former glory. 

Why Choose Us

Your yard and the trees in your yard can hold sentimental value. It might be the tree you attached a swing to in your backyard when you were a kid or this tree might be the first one you planted when you moved into the house. Our team at Burke Tree Services cares deeply about our customers and the trees in their orbit. 

Healthy trees mean healthy ecosystems and we want to keep our little corner of Virginia happy and thriving! By participating in tree removals and tree trimming, you’ll keep your yard growing and thriving and the surrounding ecosystem working the way it should. Our team understands the delicate balance and sentimental value invested in these small things and strives to keep it under budget and within your aesthetic. 

Whether you need emergency tree services or just a regular trim on your trees to keep them looking nice, we’ll get it done with a smile! As long-time community members in the Burke area, we know what it takes to earn your trust. All of our services are just a phone call away and we’ll be there when you need us, night or day. 

Choosing someone to care for your trees, yard, and home can be daunting. It means letting someone in to see your vision for the area, create solutions, and interact with things that may be more sentimental than you first realized. We approach every job with caution, care, and a smile!  



Affordable & Reputable Tree Services

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